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Obtaining Permits for Mexican Imports

Obtaining Permits for Mexican Imports

The Secretary of Energy in Mexico (SENER) has published online instructions (translated copy) for those interested in importing goods into Mexico corresponding with the 68 tariff items — including lubricant base oils, finished lubricants and greases — that have been temporarily restricted from entering the country. The restrictions are based on a decree issued on October 23, intended to combat the smuggling and sale of illegal fuel and fuel mixtures.

SENER’s instructions cover parties needing an import permit for the first time as well as those holding an existing or prior permit. Applicants must request a permit and prove to SENER’s Undersecretary of Hydrocarbons:

  1. The volume and destination of the goods to be imported,
  2. That the import of those goods is necessary for their production process or processes,
  3. That the import purpose is the development or performance of a lawful activity, and
  4. That the import does not contravene the provisions of the decree.

Once a request has been submitted, SENER has 15 business days to review and resolve (i.e., approve or deny) the request.

Note in the “remarks” section of the instructions that the decree directs other federal authorities in Mexico to regulate nontariff import control measures and the traceability of goods corresponding to the tariff items that are listed in the annex of the decree. Importers can expect these agencies to make adjustments to enhance compliance in the weeks ahead.

ILMA continues to push for lubricant base oils, finished lubricants and greases to be removed from the decree because these products are not intended to be used as fuel or fuel components.