ILMA Membership

Unlock a World of Opportunities with ILMA Membership

Are you seeking to amplify your industry impact and expand your professional network? Consider joining the Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association. ILMA membership offers unparalleled networking opportunities, advocacy efforts that protect your business rights, access to legal counsel and expert knowledge, real-time updates on the industry’s most important regulatory changes, and much more.

ILMA members are bedrock companies, most are still privately owned, and many have been family-owned for generations; they help customers find custom solutions to their challenges. ILMA members don’t drill or refine, but they often work with major refiners and distributors. Without lubricants and metalworking fluids, North American businesses and manufacturing would grind to a halt.

In an accelerating global market with little concern for proprietary boundaries, ILMA’s singular voice for independent innovation and competition has never been more important!

  • “One of the biggest values of ILMA is the meetings. There are three reasons that we participate: First of all, it’s the people. Our customers and our suppliers are here; they’re all in one place. Second is the accessibility—people are willing to sit down with you. Third, we get a chance to actually do business.”

    – Bill Downey, Novvi LLC, ILMA Supplier Member
  • “ILMA is a presence in other places where we can’t be, doing what as a small company you can’t do for yourself.”

    – Ann Ball, DuBois Chemicals, ILMA Manufacturing Member
  • “One of the big benefits is the chance to sit down to talk about some of the opportunities that may be there, changing environments, and how we can help each other through those areas.”

    – Scott Lindsay, MidContinental Chemical Co., ILMA Supplier Member
  • “I gain a lot of information as far as potential upcoming regulations, so ILMA has been a wealth of information that comes to me before something could potentially cause a problem within our company.”

    – Julie Thomas, Master Fluid Solutions, ILMA Manufacturing Member

ILMA Annual Meeting

Connect with lubricant industry leaders and decision makers at ILMA’s 2024 Annual Meeting, 9/28-10/1 at the iconic Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs. ILMA members enjoy discounted registration rates.