Introducing ILMA's Fundamentals of Lubricants Course

ILMA’s new learning resource explores the lubricants industry from the ground up.

Learn Industry Terminology: Decode industry jargon with ease. Understand the terminology that lubricants professionals use daily, boosting your confidence and effectiveness in the workplace.

Master Basic Principles: Discover the core principles that drive the lubricants industry. Grasp the fundamentals, enabling you to make informed decisions and contribute more effectively to your organization.

Understand Your Company's Products: Get up close and personal with your company's products. Gain insights that can help you excel in your role and better serve your customers.

This course is designed for ILMA member employees in entry-level technical roles as well as non-technical staff who are ready to elevate their understanding of the lubricants industry. While the course is available through ILMA, member companies have the opportunity to customize and distribute the course to align with your brand identity.

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New Member Spotlight

ILMA Manufacturing Member,    Petron Corporation is based out of New Berlin, WI. Petron Corporation offers a complete line of high-performance specialty products and lubrication solutions. 

Key Representative:   Chandrasekar Ramachandran, General Manager