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Mexico Appears to Ban Motor Oil Imports

Mexico Appears to Ban Motor Oil Imports

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador issued a decree earlier this week, temporarily banning the import into Mexico of more than 60 fuels and chemicals, including waxes and mineral oils, effective immediately. ILMA is in the process of translating the presidential decree to determine whether the import ban covers all finished motor oils or just base oils and additives.

Mexican energy ministry officials have been battling illegal fuel imports and motor fuel blending practices in recent years that they say pose a risk to consumers and undercut the market for legitimate fuel suppliers. The Mexican government estimates that 15% of all fuel sold in the country last year was smuggled or stolen. President Obrador previously ordered the Mexican army to take control of customs points on the U.S.-Mexico border to better police petroleum and petrochemical imports.

Critics of the presidential decree claim that it is intended to bolster Pemex, the state-owned oil company.

ILMA members affected by the Mexican order should contact the ILMA office. For example, if one of your trucks has been stopped at the border this week or you have had an order canceled, please let us know.

The Association is contemplating contacting the U.S. Trade Representative’s office and the Mexican embassy in Washington, D.C., to voice our concerns. We understand that the Mexican energy ministry can issue special import permits during the ban, and other governmental entities in Mexico can also make changes to their processes.