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ILMA to Lawmakers: Manufacturers are “Essential Businesses”

ILMA to Lawmakers: Manufacturers are “Essential Businesses”

This week, ILMA sent letters to the National Governors Association, the United States Conference of Mayors and the National Association of Counties in an effort to educate policymakers on the need to specifically include manufacturers in the definition of “essential businesses” under shelter-in-place declarations.

“ILMA members’ products are critical to help keep our communities safe and to flatten the COVID-19 disease outbreak ‘curve.’ For example, Federal and State governments have ramped up the purchase of up-to-date healthcare equipment. The machines needed to make face masks, respirators, ventilators, heart stents and other healthcare equipment and products all rely on lubricants to function. To the extent that the manufacturers of these lifesaving equipment and products are increasing their output to meet demand, they will need increased volumes of lubricants.” 

ILMA also cited other businesses that rely on their lubricants including gas stations, auto repair shops, trash collection, emergency response, agriculture, food processing, electric and plumbing services and public transportation. You may read the full letter to the National Governors Association here.

In addition, ILMA has been urging its members to support the effort by contacting state, county and local officials to ensure that manufacturing facilities, including theirs, are deemed “essential businesses” so that they are not forced to close temporarily under these emergency declarations.