ILMA Committees

ILMA’s committees are at the heart of the Association's work.

ILMA committees tackle industry challenges, host industry and government speakers, provide regulatory updates, and drive advocacy efforts. They committees offer a valuable forum for members to engage with colleagues, discuss specific topics, and support each other.

The committees meet semiannually at ILMA Engage and the ILMA Annual Meeting. Whether it’s during formal committee meetings or informal networking sessions, the in-person component adds a valuable dimension to the committee experience. Between ILMA meetings, committees utilize our online platform, BoardEffect, to exchange information and share documents.

“One of the big benefits is the chance to sit down to talk about some of the opportunities that may be there, changing environments, and how we can help each other through those areas.” -Scott Lindsay, MidContinental Chemical Co., ILMA Supplier Member

All ILMA member employees are welcome to join any ILMA committee.

Engine & Transmission Committee

Keep up with the most pressing issues for engine oil, transmission fluids and other driveline lubricants, and advise ILMA’s representatives to API, ILSAC, ASTM and other technical groups.

Global Affairs & Trade Committee

Get the latest information on shipping, sanctions compliance, global chemicals registration and more. If your company does or is considering doing business internationally, this is the committee for you.

Innovative Business Council

Help spread the word about our industry among young people across the world, and dive into ILMA’s new global social media initiative to promote the lubricants industry.

Metalworking Fluids (MWF) Committee

As the toolbox for MWF formulators shrinks, this committee will help you keep up with the latest regulations, supply chain challenges and potential new chemistries. Work alongside other MWF stakeholders to address the most challenging issues of the day and speak with one authoritative voice to regulators and lawmakers.

Safety, Health, Environment & Regulatory Affairs (SHERA) Committee

Stay up to date on the latest regulatory proposals affecting our industry, including PFAS legislation, railway regulation, extended producer responsibility (EPR) laws, and the latest on the Hazard Communication Standard. The information shared among members in this group helps ILMA speak to regulators with authority.

Supplier Committee

Dedicated to finding ways ILMA Supplier members can support ILMA Manufacturing members in varied and creative ways. Learn what’s been done in the past and brainstorm new ideas.

Sustainability Committee

With sustainability and other environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations becoming increasingly important for business success, this group aims to help ILMA members leverage sustainability to meet their long-term goals and objectives. Get in at the ground level and help shape the direction of this important new committee.