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EPA Scraps Oily Wastewater Changes

EPA Scraps Oily Wastewater Changes

The EPA has said that it will not seek comments to potentially change its approach to used oil and wastewater mixtures. 

“ILMA is pleased to share the good news that the EPA is dropping its plans to possibly change its RCRA rules for oily wastewaters,” said ILMA CEO Holly Alfano. “As late as yesterday afternoon, the Association was gearing up to demonstrate to the agency the responsible used oil recycling practices employed throughout the lubricants industry, including with used oil and wastewater mixtures.”

In an email to oil recycling association NORA, the EPA said that it will not request comments on amending its Used Oil Management Standards to address used oil and wastewater mixtures. The request would have been made as part of the agency’s upcoming Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) “Permitting Updates Proposed Rulemaking” project.

“This is an excellent example of where a regulatory framework has worked extremely well for decades to protect human health and the environment and to foster a healthy used oil market," Alfano added.

“It also is a testament to how ILMA, NORA and the other groups can work together to achieve a common goal.”