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Congratulations 2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients!

Congratulations 2022-2023 Scholarship Recipients!

ILMA Proudly Presents the 2022-2023
ILMA Foundation Scholarship Recipients!

Steven Botos, of Dublin, Ohio, is a freshman at Ohio State University, studying economics. He was referred to the scholarship program by Erica Snedegar of Vertex Energy.

Robel Clifton, of Salmon, Idaho, is a senior at Boise State University, studying chemistry.

Clark DiMaio, of Central, South Carolina, is a freshman at Clemson University, studying engineering. His parents, Jeffrey DiMaio and Michelle DiMaio, work at VBase Oil Company. Clark was an intern at VBase this summer.

Alex Hamilton, of Zionsville, Illinois, is a sophomore at Indiana University, Bloomington, studying business. His mother, Amanda Selm, works for Calumet.

Grace Ledvina, of Somerset, Wisconsin, is a junior at Iowa State University, studying industrial engineering and design. Grace has been an intern at Lubrication Technologies since 2021.

Caleb Leonard, of Lebanon, Ohio, is a freshman at the University of Kentucky, studying engineering. His father, Scott Leonard, works for DuBois Chemicals.

Curtis Rowe, of Rush, New York, is a senior at Clarkson University, studying chemical engineering. His uncle, Jon Giberson, works at American Refining Group, Inc. Curtis was the 2021-2022 Taglia Scholarship recipient.

Carson Simpkins, of Zanesville, Ohio, is a junior at the University of Cincinnati, studying chemical engineering. He works for DuBois Chemicals and was referred to the scholarship program by Lon Fanning.

Elmer B. Cleves Scholarship

Liam Slocomb, of Portland, Maine, is a freshman at Villanova University, studying biology.

Taglia Scholarship

Ryan Gustafson, of Westerville, Ohio, is a freshman at Ohio State University, studying finance. His great uncle, Jim Kudis, is a past president of ILMA.