Meet the ILMA Team

ILMA Staff

  • Holly Alfano

    Holly Alfano

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Paige Dow

    Paige Dow

    Communications Assistant

  • Melissa Edwards

    Melissa Edwards

    Director of Meetings

  • Caitlin Jacobs

    Caitlin Jacobs

    Director of Communciations

  • Tim Mack

    Tim Mack

    Director of Member Engagement

  • Amber Monroe

    Amber Monroe

    Director of Marketing

  • Margaret Smith

    Margaret Smith

    Accounting Manager

Legal Counsel

  • Jeffrey Leiter

    Jeffrey Leiter

    ILMA Legal Council

  • Benjamin Idzik

    Benjamin Idzik

    ILMA Legal Associate


  • Luc Girard

    Luc Girard

    Sanjuro Consulting
    Luc represents ILMA's interests before technical societies such as API, ASTM and others.

  • John Howell

    John Howell

    ILMA Consultant, GHS Resources
    John provides health and safety expertise to ILMA.

Board of Directors

  • Ann Ball

    Ann Ball

    Immediate ILMA Past Pres. / Executive Committee
    Regulatory Affairs Manager

  • Richard Camper

    Richard Camper

    ILMA Vice President / Executive Committee
    Vice President
    Pacific Precision Formulators

  • James P. Carroll

    James P. Carroll

    ILMA Treasurer / Executive Committee
    EVP, Operations
    Schaeffer Manufacturing

  • Michael Damiani

    Michael Damiani

    ILMA Executive Committee
    Radco Industries

  • Chuck Decker

    Chuck Decker

    Director, Specialty Products
    Advanced Lubrication Specialties

  • Dean Froney

    Dean Froney

    President & CEO
    Master Fluid Solutions

  • Catharine T. Golden

    Catharine T. Golden

    ILMA President / Executive Committee
    Etna Products

  • Frank Hamilton

    Frank Hamilton

    South Atlantic Services

  • Greg T. Julian

    Greg T. Julian

    Advanced Lubrication Specialties

  • Barbara Kudis

    Barbara Kudis

    ILMA Executive Committee
    Allegheny Petroleum Products Company

  • John Lorimor

    John Lorimor

    Technical Director
    Aerospace Lubricants Inc.

  • Matthew McGinnis

    Matthew McGinnis

    VP, Marketing & Distribution
    Daubert Chemical Company

  • Donna Nijak

    Donna Nijak

    Procurement & Regulatory Manager
    Hill and Griffith Company

  • Dan Owczarzak

    Dan Owczarzak

    President & CEO
    Warren Oil Company

  • David F. Richards

    David F. Richards

    ILMA Secretary / Executive Committee

  • Tom Schroeder

    Tom Schroeder

    SVP, Commercial
    Axel Americas

  • Michael Skuratovich

    Michael Skuratovich

    Eastern Oil Company

  • Tony Springer

    Tony Springer

    General, Manager Specialty Lubricants
    U.S. Lubricants