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 STLE's 2017 Report on Emerging Issues and Trends in Tribology and Lubrication Engineering

Emerging Issues and trends in tribology and lubrication engineering in the transportation, medical/health, energy, manufacturing, communications and data management, and atomic processes markets. For senior-level corporate managers, plant and maintenance managers, researchers, product developers, sales and marketing personnel, technical personnel, formulators, engineers and chemists. Order a free digital version of the full report here.

Chlorinated Paraffins Update
Check out the latest edition of the White Paper, covering the latest developments in CP regulations.

Support the Importance of Tribology
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Rudolph Foods Co.
ILMA Supplier Member

Rudolph Foods Co. is the world's largest pork rind manufacturer. A byproduct of their manufacturing profess is sold into the rolling steel lubricant market and the biodiesel and animal feed markets.