ILMA Supports Singapore-Based Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union

The Asian Lubricant Manufacturers Union (ALMU) officially launched with the inaugural meeting of its general membership in Macao, Southern China, on March 6, 2018. The ALMU is an Asia-wide organization representing the combined knowledge and expertise of lubricant manufacturers throughout East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and Oceania regions. ILMA is in full support of the new organization, with ILMA president Dave Croghan (1st row, 3rd from right) and past president/board member Ron Powell (1st row, 2nd from the right), representing our association at the meeting. ALMU is now accepting applications for membership!

pport the Importance of Tribology
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Pack Logix
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Pack Logix is based out of Milwaukee, WI and they specialize in contract filling and packaging. 


Kep Rep: Bruce Moncrieff, CEO/President