F&L Week 2017 Highlights Global Regulations that Impact Metalworking Fluids

FEBRUARY 15, 2017

F&L Week 2017 will take place March 7-10 at the Four Seasons in Singapore. This year’s theme is Charting the Course: Exploring the Future of the Fuel and Lubricant Industry. The conference will highlight the issues surrounding metalworking fluids. Remaining current in this segment of the industry is increasingly complex, with inconsistent rules across 130+ industrialized nations.

John Burke, global director of engineering at Houghton International, and chair of ILMA’s Safety, Health, Environmental and Regulatory Affairs (SHERA) Committee, will present a half-day workshop at the conference on Regulatory Decisions that Will Affect Metalworking Fluid Selection and Use. The workshop will cover a diverse range of topics, including biocides, formaldehyde, chlorinated paraffins, volatile organic compounds, California’s Propostion 65, GHS, TSCA reform, REACH, K-REACH, Australia-REACH and more.

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