EPA Seeks Input for Repeal, Replacement, or Modification of its Regulations

APRIL 13, 2017

EPA published a Federal Register Notice, requesting input from stakeholders on environmental regulations to repeal, replace, or modify. The Agency’s action is to assist it in complying with Executive Order 13777, “Enforcing the Regulatory Reform Agenda.”

EO 13777 directed federal agencies, including EPA, to designate a Regulatory Reform Officer (RRO) who leads a Regulatory Reform Agency Task Force within that agency.
The Task Force is charged with reviewing existing regulations and then making recommendations to alter existing rules to “alleviate unnecessary burdens placed on the American people.”

The EO also notes the importance of stakeholder input and directs each agency to provide an opportunity for public comment on reducing regulations.

In announcing its Notice, EPA said, “We are supporting the restoration of America’s economy through extensive reviews of the misaligned regulatory actions from the past administration. The previous administration abused the regulatory process to advance an ideological agenda that expanded the reach of the federal government, often dismissing the technological and economic concerns raised by the regulated community and duplicating long-standing regulations by states and localities.”

EPA is seeking comment from those parties directly affected by its regulations on those regulations that:

  • Eliminate jobs, or inhibit job creation;
  • Are outdated, unnecessary, or ineffective;
  • Impose costs that exceed benefits;
  • Create a serious inconsistency or otherwise interfere with regulatory reform initiatives and policies;
  • Are inconsistent with the requirements of section 515 of the Treasury and General Government Appropriates Act, 2001 (44 U.S.C 3516 note), or the guidance issued pursuant to that provision in particular those regulations that rely in whole or in part on data, information, or methods that are not publicly available or that are insufficiently transparent to meet the standard of reproducibility; or,
  • Derive from or implement Executive Orders or other presidential directives that have been subsequently rescinded or substantially modified.

ILMA will submit comments by the May 13 deadline.​​